You are daydreaming about the future because you have not tasted the present. Start tasting the present. Find out a few moments where you are simply delighting. Looking at the trees, just be the look. Listening to the birds, just be a listening ear. Let them reach to your deepest core. Let their song spread all over your being.



Wow – it took me a while to find the right quote for today’s journal entry. I had started out with something entirely different but my computer was definitely not liking it – a message from the Universe to switch gears perhaps?

I do like the quote that I settled upon. All of the sudden, Osho came into my head and I found a whole page of Osho quotes and this one seemed the most fitting of all. So, while I was sitting outside this morning with L (it is now Sunday), I was just trying to be in the moment with her.  Of course, one shouldn’t have to “try” – it should just flow into being.

We are getting ready to go out and do our grocery shopping. It is a rather mundane task but it is what we do. When L asked me this morning what I wanted to do I hesitated to answer. A part of me thinks that grocery shopping is too mundane a chore and we would be better off spending our time sitting on the shores of a beautiful ocean somewhere, pondering the mysteries of life and simply “being”, as Osho admonishes.

But life does go on and there are things one must do in life to “grease the wheels”, as it were. I guess grocery shopping is simply one of those tasks.  So then, the aspiration in performing such a task is to turn its mundaneity (yes, I am making up words now) into something both relevant and intrinsic – as though it has a deep value to our lives.  After all, every moment of every day is important and unique and shall never be repeated in exactly the same way again.

Reflecting upon the photo that I included in this journal entry, my initial inclination was to find a quote related to surrealism because that is the one word that came to mind in looking at the photograph. Most of the quotes on surrealism that I found had a general theme, being that what was once simply an art movement has now become the reality of our lives. We live in surrealistic times. There is an exaggeration to everything and perhaps this is a result of our continually wanting (and being preached to want) more. Always and forever more. It is a by-product of our democratic-turned-plutocracy consumeristic, Dow Jones driven mind-set that right now, this moment, is never enough. We have to continually want more.  More products, better TVs, a higher “Dow Jones Industrial Average”, more money, more guns, more bad news, more bad policiticians. . .  ah . . . but I digress (or do I?)

Osho extols the virtue of just being “Now”.  More or No More – does it really make a difference at all? Who wins, who loses, what is the benchmark? What is success, or failure – failure being the seed that plants future success . . . maybe.

[deep inhale]

Just Be Now.

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3 Responses to Now

  1. JJ ColourArt says:

    There are Osho decks, or at least decks by Osho devotees….

    Osho Transformation Tarot
    Osho Zen Tarot
    Tao Oracle (I Ching) (by Ma Deva Padma, a follower and artist of the Osho Zen)

    I’m relentless, my mission is life is to get people to buy card decks. Plus the art is good. All kinds of parables and a mish-mash of world religion makes them kind of universal. I tend to like that.

  2. nowandzenn says:

    I actually do have the Osho Zen Tarot right here in my office. I believe there is also a site online where you can do an “electronic” draw and see your card for the day. Thanks again, Judy!

  3. JJ ColourArt says:

    Atta boy!!! That’s one……

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