“For the quiet mind, nothing is as profound as solitude and for the restless, nothing is more terrifying. There are only two types of people who are comfortable in solitude: the lazy and the yogi. By solitude, I mean that you are just by yourself. You are in your own company. The only person you have to talk to you is you, the only person you have to listen to is you, the only person around is you. The only object of engagement for your mind is you. When you are bored, you go back to yourself and when you are happy, you share it with yourself. The one who dwells within and is contented within is indeed a yogi. The seeker who has turned inward finds greatest bliss in solitude. In such a state, he can uninterruptedly enjoy the bliss within.”




This morning’s quote is a rather long one, and followed yet again by an inspirational image. Both resonate quite strongly with me. I love my solitude. I am most comfortable when I am just by myself. No pretense to keep up, no schedules, no demands, no nothing. Just me and my crazy ass mind, working over time trying to figure the world out. But not always. Sometimes, when I am alone and not feeling pressured by some deadline or external requirement, I can just relax and let everything go and simply enjoy the moment for what it is – whatever that may be. I think I am the most at peace within my soul at those times.




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One Response to SOLITUDE

  1. elrondsilvermaul says:

    “Well, we know I ain’t a yogi.

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