“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”


Ralph Waldo Emerson


I have already written my journal entry for today but it is really not blog material so that means I have to write yet another journal entry – one that is worthy of my blog (and perhaps also not quite so personal). No matter – I really wanted to use this photo/painting somewhere as I totally love it. Not sure who the artist is or I would certainly note that, and perhaps even search him/her out. I do try to be aware of using other people’s photographs and artwork and have been known to search them out and purchase their artwork. My most recent acquisition was that of a calendar made by a photographer that I saw on Facebook. His photographs, no doubt photo-shopped, are amazing and I really just wanted to acknowledge his craft through a legitimate purchase of some piece of his. The calendar fit the bill (and the budget).


I have another online friend, Jen R, whose photographs are equally amazing and I’ve purchased several of her prints in the past. Heck, being married to an artist helps one to appreciate the hard work that goes into creating such art and fosters a desire to be supportive of their craft.


All of this is neither here nor there. I love this painting for the feeling of beauty and serenity that it creates for me. This type of a scene is my vision of paradise. And I have managed to create these moments a few times in my life . . . capturing the beautiful sunset on a beautiful beach with few people around. Thankfully, most people are out on a beach to get sun and therefore later in the day, and towards sunset, people tend to vacate the beach in search of rest and in preparation for a night of dining, wining, and dancing.  As for myself, I’d rather stay on the beach and enjoy the real show – the sunset – and a beach bereft of people. So I have more or less witnessed these kinds of beach scenes and have even be fortunate enough to share it with someone special, as when I was down in Sanibel Island a few years ago with my wife, Laureen. That was probably my most special trip with her and we were very lucky to share moments like this while we were down there.


There is another aspect to this painting as well. I’ve been on something of a Jimmy Buffett kick ever since the One Boston concert was on TV about a few weeks ago. I was surprised to see Jimmy Buffett show up at the show. He followed James Taylor on stage, but only after he and James Taylor performed a duet of the song, Mexico, which was very cool. It was also cool to see Jimmy Buffett come out at the end of the show and hold his own with Steven Tyler’s Aerosmith.


Really, I believe that the Jimmy Buffett thing is a kind of escape valve for all of the emotional turmoil I’ve been through lately with L’s illness and now my mother. I’ve kept the proper “stiff upper lip” and done what’s needed to be done to keep things flowing in a positive direction but it does take a toll of sorts and to me Jimmy Buffett is sort of escapist, let’s-disappear-to-a-tropical-island-where-no-one-knows-our- name, kind of trip. Sometimes you just have to do it… or not.

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