I’m feeling a bit “off” this morning. Nothing in particular at the root of it – just feel a little askew. It feels like this is one of those days where you just continue to put one foot out in front of the other and before you know it, you will have journeyed through the day. And it (the day) may ultimately become something that you didn’t think was going to be possible – or not.


I think that’s why the photo/quote up above spoke to me this morning. Regardless of whatever, we do exactly as described by Regina Spektor – and that’s how our lives get lived – one step at a time.


All of which begs the questions – who is Regina Spektor? Well, it turns out that she’s a singer/songwriter. It doesn’t take long to discover the details of a person’s life in our new electronic age. I am watching one of her videos on YouTube right now – The Call – which apparently was part of one of the Narnia movies. I love the Narnia movies – I wish they had been able to do all of them but maybe three was enough.


Well, why is that, John? Why did you like the Narnia movies?


Hmmm…I liked the idea of good triumphing over not-good (not sure evil fits here, but “not-good” does). I like that there is a diversity in the movie that is beyond the diversity we strive to acknowledge and accept in our real world. The Narnian world is a world where humans and talking animals and hybrids of the two must learn to get along to achieve the things that need to be achieved. And I like the sense of fate and destiny and yet, creating your own destiny so that destiny itself isn’t pre-destined. I like the sense of adventure and the willingness to fight for what you believe in, and I like being an Observer in all of this so that you can see all of the disparate actions and threads that tie everything together and create the outcome that is borne because when, in the reality of the moment, you are actually in a similar situation, you may develop a tunnel-vision and be unable to see the larger picture but watching a movie like this enables this larger vision to be a possibility somewhere down the road.


Did that make any sense whatsoever?


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