No Flies Please!

Well, September is off to a quick start. It’s already the 4th and I feel like I’m still letting go of August and of the Summer. Granted, technically it still is Summer, at least until September 22nd.


I had a funny moment with Laureen last night in Whole Food market. We’d stopped in to pick up something for dinner and I decided on a couple of slices of pizza. So we’re waiting for the pizza lady to come over and help me out and I eye a fly zooming around all of the pizzas sitting out on the counter. I’m silently hoping that Laureen doesn’t see the fly, and I’m also hoping that it doesn’t land on the freshest looking of the pizzas – the plain one. So the fly seems primarily interested in this funky looking sandwich calzone thingy and then it starts hovering over different pizzas. Thus far, Laureen has still not seen the fly.


Finally the pizza woman comes over to take my order and I ask for two slices of the plain pizza. I turn to Laureen just in time to see her process the fact that a fly is hovering around the food and she half-mutters, “with or without the fly?” as an add-on to my request for the two pizza slices. I immediately start to smile and then her comment really sinks in and I quickly turn around, away from the counter, just as I burst out laughing at her comment. Meanwhile she immediately walks away from me as if she doesn’t even know me.


Meanwhile the pizza lady is dutifully depositing my two pizza slices (hopefully fly-free) into two little triangular pizza boxes. She looks a bit annoyed but hey! – Laureen’s only calling it like she sees it.


We laughed about this for the remainder of the night and she kept saying how good it was to see me have such a deep “belly laugh”.


Maybe you had to be there, and the fly was definitely an annoyance (and kind of disgusting) but it was also very funny!


That’s all for now. . .

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