KIOSB – Favorite Movies

Boy, this is a tough one – so many good movies and I’ve gone through so many stages of movies that I like. For a while I was a huge Tom Hanks fan and loved his movies. The same can be said for Tom Cruise, Clint Eastwood and Kevin Costner. But let’s not forget Sandra Bullock or Renee Zellweger either. I can also go classic, ala, Casablanca and/or The Maltese Falcon, oh, and did I mention the creative brilliance of Johnny Depp? Hmmm…favorite movies…

1. While You Were Sleeping (Sandra Bullock) – love everything about this movie

2. All of the Lord of the Rings movie – epic beyond epic, even if some of my “purist” fans think it sells the story short.

3. The Last Temptation of Christ  – I am a pretty big religious “epic” movie enthusiast (Ben Hur, The Ten Commandments, The Greatest Story Ever Told, etc.), but when it comes to gritty realism (without going over the line ala Mel Gibson), and downright plausibility, I think The Last Temptation of Christ wins hands down. It’s a deep story that ends with ultimate redemption and I thought that Willem Dafoe did a great job as Jesus.

4. Dances With Wolves – another huge, epic movie that I just love!

5. Contact (with Jodi Foster) – I love the concept of this movie and how she is changed at the end. I always thought this was a brilliant movie!

6. Prince of Persia – admittedly there are a whole host of movies that fit into this category, starting with Harrison Ford and his Indiana Jones movies and moving through all of the Mummy movies and Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I just happen to like this one at the moment, but it could be any of these movies as, in general, this is a category of movie that I love.

7. Robin Hood (Kevin Costner) – one of my all-time favorites. Love all of the actors in this movie, love the theme of the movie, and even if Kevin Costner always sounds like Kevin Costner (although he did affect a bit of a Southern drawl in JFK), I just thought he was great in this movie.

8. The Princess Bride – What’s not to like about this movie?

9. A Christmas Carol (Albert Finney) – I have to watch this movie at least once every year.

10. And finally, rounding out my top ten (and this top ten could change tomorrow, but not too likely), is The Peaceful Warrior (Nick Nolte) – the movie is based on the book by Dan Millman and while both the book and the movie may not have earth-shattering revelations, they can be life-changing for the myriads of people (such as I myself once was) who are sleepwalking through life and yet, searching for deeper meaning. I first read the book, and only many years later did the movie become available and I thought that the movie captured the essence of the book nicely.


So, there it is – my top movie picks as of this 9th day of December in the year 2013.

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14 Responses to FILM

  1. TinkNL says:

    I see a lot of my own favourites in your list. Thanks for sharing!

  2. nowandzenn says:

    And thanks for visiting, Tink!

  3. ruffhaven says:

    We share a few favorites. Some movies will be on many lists today. While I enjoy so many different genre, there are those that definitely rise above the rest.

  4. Just added Peaceful Warrior to my movies to see list. Sounds good! I’m with you on the Bogart films, especially!

  5. Great list… looks like a list my husband would come up with! 🙂 I’ve seen the Last Temptation of Christ and keep meaning to watch it again… thanks for the “reminder.”

  6. Janet Miles says:

    As I go through everyone else’s lists, mine gets longer and longer! Casablanca and the Maltese Falcon! Of course!

  7. laura says:

    I like your list. #1, 4, 5, 7 & 8 are ones I like too.

  8. Shannon says:

    Wow, so many epic choice! I like that. It’s amazing how we can go through stages of actors and genres, I can do that too!

  9. So many wonderful movies! We love epic at our house too. Lord of the Rings is a big favourite – and Contact too! Thanks for sharing your movies 🙂

    • nowandzenn says:

      My dream is to sit down one day and watch all three extended versions of LOTR. That would be huge and create a total immersion experience. So glad you and Shannon kicked off this blog-a-thon idea!

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