Let’s start this one off with a photo of my two muses, Jamie and Shannon. Not only was my blog languishing, but my journal writing had slowed to a trickle and I really wanted to go out with a writing bang in December since I will probably “close” this particular iteration of my journal and begin a new one on January 1st. All of the blogging that I’ve done in December, as a result of participating in the “Kickin’ It Old Skool Blog-a-thon” has ended up in my journal so it appears it will indeed go out with a bang.

So, today’s prompt is to write/blog about Ten Things I Know for Sure.  Hmmm…  I have to wonder, do I really know anything for sure? Well, let’s see :

1. I guess the one absolute thing I know with 100% certainty is that some day I will die. There is no way around that. Of course, what that actually means, I have no idea. Will I be reincarnated?  Beats the hell out of me. Will I go to Heaven, or Hell?  Again, who knows? Is there even a God in any sense that we imagine him/her/it?  [shrug]  I guess we’ll see…

2. Change exists. Right now I have several quarter and pennies in my pocket….  er… well, that’s not the change I was referring to. Everything changes eventually and we cannot control it, predict it, or stop it. I was driving home last night and I was thinking about the weather and my thoughts drifted over to how predictable and unchanging our sun appears to be. I mean, if it wasn’t, we simply wouldn’t exist. And then I thought, what if, right now at this very moment, something unpredictable changed with the sun and we just vanished in an instant? It could happen. Change can happen anytime, anyplace…  (Those are the thoughts that trouble me sometimes, at least momentarily, until I stick my head back in the sand and pretend it can’t happen, just like I pretend to be immortal).

3. We are beings of energy. Not necessarily in the “New Age” sense (is “New Age” even a relevant term anymore?), but in the sense of the composition of the universe. We are a conglomeration of atoms and molecules and structures and one of the underlying fundamentals is that it all works around, and is held together by, energy. I think most of us would agree with this, fundamentally, but we don’t really get it. We tend to focus more on our physicality – our physical bodies – and not on the underlying fundamental of what holds us all together (and what it is that may continue to exist after our bodies no longer do).

4. There is great beauty in the structure(s) of the cosmos. Someone shared some incredible magnified images of snowflakes the other day and the “structure” was simply astounding and amazing. It does beg the question of whether this is all “intelligent design” or purely random chance? I can’t answer that question… yet

5. Duality exists. I admit – this is somewhat faith-based and not objective. But let’s see – hot/cold, good/evil, day/night – and these are just the real simple ones. There does seem to be a duality at play in our cosmos. What if we existed in a cosmos that had trialities – such as good/evil/ and well, something else… I can’t imagine it – but since I did just imagine it, in an infinite Universe/Cosmos there must be such a place that has Trialities…

6. Math, and by extension, music, are one of the languages of the Universe – a truly “Universal” language, if you will.

7. Our human species is not the only life form in the entire cosmos. Again, another faith-based postulation but given the numbers that define  (or exceed our ability to define) our Cosmos, and the likelihood of similar conditions on other planets, we simply cannot be alone. It’s a numbers thing…

8. Oh – this is an easy one – I will positively and absolutely never know everything. I like to think I do, or that I will, but it will never happen. Bummer!

9. Karmically, I’ve made some small measure of progress in this particular lifetime. Yay me! (obviously the area of humility still needs some work)

10. I love my wife to pieces and beyond, and always will. She is that special “One” and I feel so lucky to have found her because I can easily imagine not ever having found her and then I would have settled for something less than…  I remember one time, early in our relationship, she was giving me some reiki and I went into this very relaxed state where I saw a vision of us being together in a whole different time and way and it left me with this feeling/knowledge that we’d been together before and that this time now was just another iteration of something we’d begun in another lifetime. She has not been given an easy path to walk this time around and I do think I have come into her life to be that yin to her yang (ah….there’s that duality).  There is so much pain and dis-ease for her this time around, but I bring that touch of lightness and laughter and love to her (and I truly do say this in all humility for I am conscious of this being my role for us and stating it thusly is simply an acknowledgement of my role) and of course, in bringing these things to her, I bring them also to myself. Once upon a time, in my twenties, I came to the realization that I was a chronically mildly depressed person. I am no longer that person. I guess I have grown into my role, and changed (ah…and there’s the Change thing).

11. I would be remiss in not segueing into Love. Love exists. I don’t know if it is a Universal truth, but it exists for the beings (not just humans) that inhabit our planet. I can imagine other worlds where maybe love doesn’t exist so hence my uncertainty regarding its Universality.

Ok – so that’s it. Those are the Ten Things (plus 1) that I kinda know, or maybe not. Maybe this is all an illusion and I am simply a dream fragment of a sleeping Buddha…

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13 Responses to WHAT I KNOW

  1. TinkNL says:

    Yep, we definitely think alike. I kept on nodding yes. 🙂

    • nowandzenn says:

      Thanks Tink! I’ve noticed that with more than a few of us in reading other people’s blog post – that there are interesting and consistent similarities in our writings…

  2. I too liked a lot of your list, or maybe I would say I resonated with what you said.

  3. Even if you are a dream fragment of a sleeping Buddha you rock the list making. 😉

    • nowandzenn says:

      And now I am humbled. Interestingly, I’ve usually avoided “prompt” writing in my journaling throughout the years, with the one exception of having worked through Christina Baldwin’s book, “Life’s Companion…” several times now. I tend to prefer free-writing but that well was seeming to run dry as of late…

  4. dpjohnson48 says:

    I really enjoyed reading your list – especially #11! =) And #7 (I want to believe…)

  5. Janet Miles says:

    Great! I did not even think about the 1st one but of course that is something for sure!

  6. Number 10 stood out for me. Your open, honest expressions of love for your wife are awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  7. paleololigo says:

    I really enjoyed this list. You and I shared your number 8 in common. I wish it were possible to know everything. Actually, nah, scratch that. What fun would life be without discovery?

  8. nowandzenn says:

    I agree – it embodies the idea of it being the journey and not the destination. If we knew everything, the journey would be over and what would be left?

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