“Without music, life would be a mistake.”

Friedrich NietzscheTwilight of the Idols



Today is day 16 of the KIOSB. And today’s topic is – Favorite Songs.

This is actually a tough one – tougher than movies. I’ve gone through so many musical phases in my life. And music has often been the soundtrack of my life. I can hear a certain song and immediately go back to a specific period in time, or an event in my life. When I think of Counting Crows I think of a summer spent down on a beach in Falmouth. Jimmy Buffet – well, that was a whole episode of my life – I think some call it a middle-age crisis. I was simply trying to find myself and have a little fun along the way. The early days were largely hard rock – Black Sabbath (one of the first albums I ever bought, through the Columbia Record House club). And of course, Led Zeppelin. And a whole host of others. I’ve always been a huge fan of music as my 600+ album record collection, hundreds of cassettes, and now hundreds of CDs would attest.

So, favorite songs…hmm….

1. Stairway to Heaven – definitely overplayed forever, but still one of my favorites and one I would have played at my passing (preferably an acoustic version although I suppose there’s something to be said for riding the escalator to heaven on a Jimmy Page guitar riff…)

2. Dust in the Wind by Kansas (always loved this song and another one I want played at my service)

3. Angel by Sarah McLachlan  (simply a beautiful song)

4. Solitude by Black Sabbath (one of their quiet songs)

5. Europa: Earth’s Cry, Heaven’s Smile by Carlos Santana (and by the by, there’s a great video on YouTube of Sarah McLachlan and Carlos Santana doing Sarah’s song, Angel)

6. Child In Time by Deep Purple  ( I was a huge fan of Ritchie Blackmore)

7. A Pirate Looks at Forty by Jimmy Buffett  (sure, I like a lot of his “party” songs, but this one goes a little deeper…)

8. Cruel Summer by Ace of Base  (really, it’s the video here that I like – I thought they did a great job with this song)

9. Go Your Own Way by Wilson Phillips  (Yes, it’s a Fleetwood Mac cover and again, it’s the video that I like, but their harmonizing is so great – same with Elton John’s “Daniel”, which they also do)

10. Foolish Games by Jewel  (hard to believe this CD is nearly 20 years old now (1995) Wow – time really does just keep moving)

So, that’s it for songs. Now all that being said, my tastes are so different now that I don’t think of it in terms of songs anymore – it’s the artists that capture me. In general I listen to mostly “World” and “New Age” music these days. Favorites would definitely include Shastro (I think his CDs were in my players for 2 straight years). Also, Dean Evenson is awesome. I have to admit, I am partial to the flute and Shastro and Dean are both extraordinary flautists. Also, a lot of Native American flute music. Nakai of course, but many others. I just received a new CD by Geri Littlejohn which is awesome and Charles Littleleaf is great too. Douglas Spotted Eagle has some great CDs out and of course, the Gordon Brothers – David and Steve – have done a lot of music too. I also listen to flamenco, and lots of world music – hence not a lot of new popular artists are on my song list since I’ve gone “off mainstream”.

So, that’s it. Currently playing – Jewel “Pieces of You” (when I mentioned Foolish Games I felt like I wanted to listen to the CD)

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One Response to FAVORITE SONGS

  1. TinkNL says:

    Foolish games 20 years? Whaaaa, I’m getting old. 😉 I love it!
    And again I’m with you all the way. Gets boring from me; sorry, but it’s true… Kept nodding approvingly!

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