“Let’s put on our Thinking Caps and see if we can’t have an idea,’ said Cricket, passing the caps around.”

Anna Rose Wright, Whirligig House



Hmm…not feeling very creative today I fear. It was a tough day yesterday. Installed new cable/internet/phone service at home. The cable and internet went pretty smoothly (and it was the internet that I was mostly worried about). But the phone was a different matter. House phone still not working right and of course, we were getting important phone calls from L’s doctors yesterday.


Then to top it off – our furnace (boiler) picked last night to die – with temps dropping down to single digits. After three hours of repeated phone calls, and finally having to play “The Cancer Card” (my wife is recovering from serious cancer surgery), a technician was sent out and arrived just shy of midnight. It took him about an hour but he managed to fix it – Thank God!


Ordinarily I would have considered opting out to a hotel but my sweetie isn’t portable that way these days – she needs a hospital bed and the only one handy, besides at a hospital, is in her former art studio (now converted to a recuperation room).


Let’s see – free association huh?


I’ve cried a “river” of tears over this past year.

My wife and I are so totally ready for a “fresh” start in 2014.

There are days that I just want to “escape” all of the responsibilities of my life.

 We are definitely living “in the moment”, and from “moment to moment” these days.

 “Night” is the absolute worst time for my sweetie. The pain and discomfort are so hard to witness – I cannot imagine what she really is going through.


Alas, not the most uplifting of posts today, but it is what it is and if L is about anything, it’s about not sugar-coating what this process is all about. That doesn’t mean we don’t smile and laugh, but we also don’t pretend that it’s all peachy-keen and smooth sailing either.


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  1. paleololigo says:

    I hate to hear of all your difficulties. Sounds like you need a vacation more than I do. But, I agree, it is what it is. Sounds like you’re dealing with it head on, as you must. Passing to you and L my healing thoughts and cyber hugs.

  2. nowandzenn says:

    Thank you Penny. That is deeply appreciated!

  3. Thank you for sharing, and for being so open about your current struggles. I think that too many people sugar-coat their thoughts before they present them to the world online, which does no one any good. Reality is harsh sometimes, and if we can share with one another how we face it, we can all grow stronger together.

  4. My prayer for you and your wife is that you both get the rest you desperately need, and that the new year will bring relief and comfort and uplifting joy to you both.

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