Bag Check!

Day 19: 10 Things In My Bag

Well, day 19 of the Blog-a-Thon. And today’s prompt – what is in my bag. Truth be told, I carry two bags to work every day. My leather laptop bag, and my canvas Barnes & Noble book bag (I love that bag!)

I’ve always traveled with an emergency bag in case a crisis, or the end of the world, suddenly breaks out.  So, what do I carry in my bag?

1. Magazines – at least two, and sometimes up to four. Favorites include Monocle and usually at least one of the Somerset Studio magazines.

2. iPad recharger – not so exciting, but a necessity

3. My iPad – definitely a necessity

4. My camera – a Canon Powershot – love that little thing and always have a camera on me.

5. My kindle – it’s like carrying a virtual library

6. A bundle of vintage postcards – I am an ephemera fanatic and old postcards are just about my favorite thing.

7. Various colored pens and artist markers.

8. Those corner sticky things so you can put things like…er… postcards… into your journal (or actually, my journal)

9. Various projects I may be working on – which is currently my parents estate planning stuff and legal stuff that I am working on for my mom’s estate (to help dad out)

10. My voice recorder. Yup – still carry one of those. In case I get a sensational idea that I just don’t want to forget.

And that’s about it. Going to be brief today because we got some really, seriously heavy news and we’re still processing it.


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4 Responses to Bag Check!

  1. paleololigo says:

    Sorry to hear of ‘heavy’ news. 😦 Sending positive energy and loving thoughts your way…

  2. nowandzenn says:

    Thank you again Penny! We all have our challenges in life – and we’re about to face a very big one. Thank you so much for your positive energy and loving thoughts!

  3. Janet Miles says:

    What a good idea to use those “sticky corner things” to hold postcards in your journal. I would have just used a glue stick. Sending strength for your challenge ahead.

  4. kellybesecke says:

    I love that you carry old postcards and sticky corner things. What a fun thing to have as part of your everyday carry-around.

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