Day 29: Sunday Selfie – Future You

We’ve seen you when you’re wee. We’ve seen you as you were when we began. Share with us who you aspire to be.



That’s a tough one. I guess right now I aspire to be a survivor. I aspire to not wallow in despair and grief for the rest of my days. I aspire to gather together all the best moments of my experiences with my wife over these past 12 years and let that settle inside my heart and soul so that I become an even more loving, caring and compassionate person than I am today. I aspire to let go of any anger I may have, to let go of all of the dark energies, and stay in the loving beauty of the light that my wife has so freely shared with me. If I can do that, than my life, and our love, will have meant something.

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4 Responses to ASPIRATIONS

  1. Beautiful aspirations John. Sending love and light to them.

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