And thus, we come to the end of the month-long Kickin’ It Old Skool Blog-a-thon, presented by Jamie & Shannon Ridler….  Kudos to them for keeping us all on track. So, their last prompt for this blog-a-thon is:

What would you like to celebrate about this month and Kickin’ It Old Skool?

As for the month of December – it’s been one of the toughest ones of my entire life. To learn, unexpectedly, that my life-partner, and my soul mate, has incurable advanced stage cancer – I just, on some level, cannot grasp that, nor that she will not always be in my life.

I would “celebrate” and acknowledge the love and caring that our family has shown to us in these past few weeks, and just how much that has meant to the both of us.

And I would thank KIOS simply for giving me a reason to write every day, as well as something to at least, momentarily, take my mind off of what is yet to come. I will miss this deeply, and try to find a way to keep myself writing regardless. I am also thankful for discovering snippets of the lives of the other KIOS participants. I have enjoyed reading their blogs and have appreciated their support and encouragement.

John A

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