Eternal nothingness. Cessation of being. Do we continue to exist after death? Do we have any sense of self-awareness as non-corporeal entities? I’m regrettably a skeptic. However, I do have the capacity to believe. I have learned that because of my wife. She has brought magic into my life and shown me that there are things that I cannot explain. I do add my scientific overlay to support my suspended skepticism. An example being that I view us as being fundamentally beings of energy, even in our corporeal form. We saw an interesting program on tv the other day that was essentially postulating that the geniuses throughout history were being guided by extraterrestrial intelligences or even tapping into some universal source of all knowledge (the Akashic records were mentioned in this regards). I want to believe something. All I know is that the Universe is so much more than I will ever understand.

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3 Responses to OBLIVION

  1. I am unsure of a personal “Eternity” as I think most people define it. Ego aside, I’m not sure I want to participate. I am content with being and then non-being.

    That said, I have always had this idea that every moment of our lives is captured in the light of its being and travels continuously throughout the Universe, carrying the memory of who and what we were, so that in some sense, we always ARE.

    But in the end, what is of paramount importance, is the experience of the Now, and the grace and responsibility to make it shimmer and shine as best we can.

  2. Tomorrow, and Eternity, will take care of itself. It always has. This last paragraph was missed when I pasted..

  3. paleololigo says:

    I’m a skeptic, too. I want to believe, but I can’t – though there are some interesting things about life that give me pause for thought. In the end, I think I’m all right with oblivion. After all, I won’t remember it. I agree with Elrond above. It’s all the more reason to live in and enjoy the NOW.

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