“Dreams come to us from a divine source. If we follow them, they lead us back to a divine source. When we work towards our dreams, we are working toward our God. In reaching for guidance about our dreams, we are reaching toward God. Our dreams are not futile. They do not spring from our egos. They have their roots in our souls.”


Julia Cameron (Finding Water)



If I could have just one wish in this life, it would be for Laureen and I to get one do-over. And in that do-over, we would meet as children and we would know that we were meant to be together and we would have a long and happy and healthy life filled with wonder and joy and love.

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3 Responses to DREAMS

  1. If I had a do-over, I’d go to New York instead of California. Maybe my dreams of an acting career would have been better realized.

  2. Janet Miles says:

    What a wonderful wish. Keep thinking positive thoughts. Write to each other.

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