Ok – even I need a break from sorrow and grief. So I saw this “Thought Starter” prompt come up last night and I decided that it might be a fun thing to play with. I have so many photos, digital and otherwise – and so many favorites among them. Anyhow, I was browsing through the “My Pictures” folder on my computer and came across a folder I labeled “Photos – Artistic”.  I think I was beginning to think of myself as a photographer at one point in my life.  Anyhow, there are only a few photos in it and this was one of them. I actually even gave it a title – Circle of Elders.


Essentially, these are some of Laureen’s Zuni fetishes. Both of us collect Zuni fetishes. And now that I am looking at the fetishes that are in this photo I realize that some of them are mine, and some are hers. We usually don’t co-mingle our fetishes (all innuendoes aside) because they are actually part of our individual spiritual practices. And each of us has fetishes that represent the spirit animals that are our totems. I realize that begs the question – how do we know what our totems are? Well, Laureen used to do animal totem readings for people using the Jamie Sams Medicine Cards to do a 9-card totem draw, naming their 9 totem animals (East, West, North, South, Above, Below, Within, Right Side, Left Side). And what Laureen was particularly adept at was interpreting the meanings of each totem with regards to that specific person. A reading like that could easily last several hours.


As for the photo itself, I love the lighting and shadow that I captured with this photo. The table is a special table that Laureen used as her altar, once upon a time. Eventually our whole house became an altar of sorts – or a sacred space. People who come into our house always comment on the peacefulness of it. It is certainly not chaotic and we keep it relatively clean and as clutter-free as possible considering that it is the house of an artist who likes to experiment with everything – from paints and ribbons, to fabrics, twigs, rocks, sticks, whatever. . .  We have piles of rocks in our basement, beaver gnawed tree branches, and sundry other items – everything a budding artist might be inspired by. And still, our home exudes an aura of calmness and serenity.


Ok – so there it is – my Photo / Journal entry for today.


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4 Responses to ELDERS

  1. You’re right. The light and shadow work add a depth to this photo it might not have otherwise had. Like this very much.

  2. Janet Miles says:

    Love the white bunny 🙂

  3. aurumeve says:

    Love the depth of the color/shadows! Looking to collect as well, especially corn maidens!
    AurumEve.com ~ Global Jewelry

    • nowandzenn says:

      Well, I can recommend one source – http://www.turquoisevillage.com
      We always try to support the artists as directly as possible and I believe Turquoise Village works directly with the fetish carvers so that’s a pretty direct link. They usually have a good selection and fair prices (and fast shipping too). We’ve bought from them for many years and have always been satisfied with their service.

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