I fear I may have reached an ending with WordPress. After struggling for over an hour to do a simple Copy-Paste from MS Word to WordPress it appears that for all intents and purposes they have essentially disabled the ability to do so. I’m bummed of course. I have invested some time into this particular blog host site, but I should have seen it coming once they modified the whole entry format.

Apparently their belief is that MS Word creates “messy HTML code” to quote, and therefore their preference is that you simply type whatever you have to say directly into the WordPress Editor.

Uh…seriously, not that invested in WordPress. I do all of my source writing in MS Word and, well, call me a creature of habit but that’s the way it’s going to stay. So I guess this is probably adios to WordPress. I shall have to look for a simpler platform to work with.

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3 Responses to THE END?

  1. Janet Miles says:

    Lots of free sites out there. Just let us know where you are going! Hoping things are getting slightly easier for you.

  2. patchesmany says:

    Where ever you end up, please let us know, so we can find you.

  3. nowandzenn says:

    Thank you Janet and Patches. I’ve been traveling a lot this summer. Now have to catch up on my journaling. Some time this fall I’ll figure out what the blogging future holds. Thanks for your enthusiasm.

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