We Are Part Of This Universe.
We Are In This Universe.
The Universe Is In Us

Star Beings 01


I sense an immensity – an unboundedness. I am having a difficult time finding the words to describe it as it is more than a feeling. There is an aspect of time wrapped around it all, but I have yet to find the words for that either. This photo catches an aspect of it – the unboundedness. We are more than we seem… more than we appear to be. I can’t say this is wholly founded on some religious or even spiritual basis really, although there may be that aspect to it. I would say, rather, that it is almost a knowing. When I see something like this, and I sense the truth of it, as partial as it may be, I feel a kind of harmonic to it – like the right note has been struck and the resulting tone is true.


This may seem rather vague. Let’s see, in this photo I see the infinity that is inside of us, mirrored as we stand before an infinite ocean of possibility. The only limits, and perhaps for only that moment of time in which we inhabit them, are our physical bodies and we can see that our bodies are merely vessels that allow us to have a different, more perceptual and physical experience of a reality that is contained both within and without us. We are the infinite. We are the universe, experiencing the Universe.


On a somewhat personal note, the photo causes me to wonder if this is what it will be like when I am reunited with Laureen on the other side. Will we stand along the shore of an endless sea, staring out at infinity? What will that experience be like? I cannot answer that question – but I can look at this picture and imagine it. I get the sense, from the posture of the woman, that she has brought the man to this place to show him the Source. Her posture is one of familiarity – and his, one of new discovery. There is a certain sense of humbleness mixed with just a touch of uncertainty while her body is saying, “here It is, the Source of infinite unconditional light and love and I have brought you here so that you will know this experience as I have known it and I would share it with you so that you will know that there always is, always has been, and always will be, a plan. . .  a pattern. . . and a purpose, and that we are a part of that purpose and that we are here, together, to share in that purpose for we are not only one aspect of it, we are Of It. Within our beings, inside of us, is the totality of infinity; a microcosm of the macrocosm. Entire galaxies are born within our spirits and grow and expand and decay and die, only to be reborn again and again in a sacred spiral of evolutionary creation.


Of course, I don’t know if any of this is true, or not. Or perhaps I do, and I am simply living in denial. So, why would I be in denial? Is it that the idea of being a limitless being is more than I can wrap my physical brain around? I started to watch a video the other night that a friend shared on Facebook. Actually, it was part of a litany of some 200 + Consciousness Raising Documentaries :


Well, I thought that the idea of 200+ Consciousness Raising documentaries looked like a pretty positive thing so I checked it out. I went to the link, shared above, and looking down the list of movies and I was like, “man, these don’t look very consciousness raising”. More like, guaranteed to raise my blood pressure by a few notches. I mean, really, most of the documentaries looked like pretty depressing fare and I’d no doubt that I’d be ready to slit my wrists after watching a few of them. That being said, I finally found one near the bottom of the list that appeared like it might have some positive aspect to it – “Love, Reality and the Time of Transition”.


So I clicked on the link for that video and fast forwarded to somewhere in the middle of it. I cannot say what the message of the movie as a whole is, but the part that I watched was fairly depressing or at the least, deflating and so in that regards it was not what I would call a Consciousness-raising documentary. More like consciousness deflating. It seemed to me that what they were trying to say, in the piece of the film that I caught, is that the concept of an individual creating one’s own reality is not only egotistical but is akin to a misogyny against all other sentient beings (earth-side) and is, indeed, not even possible as there is a “system” in place that precludes such individualized reality creation and is self-correcting on a global scale and thus simply does not permit individualized self-creation. So, in effect, the movie was negating the ability of an individual to self-create their reality, and yet we do it all the time. I can agree that none of us operates in a vacuum so that the reality we create for ourselves most certainly may and does have impacts on others. And therein lies the dance of our existence – the connectedness. We are all connected.


Consider a different perspective. A star goes supernova. (I have this image of a supernova burnt into my head). In that act, it has created a reality. It is not an act born of ego, or laced with ethical implications. The star was just being a star. We are that star. We are not separate from the star. We are not “Other Than. . . “ We are of the same stuff as the star is. Our sentience does not necessarily connote ethical or egoistic responsibilities on such a scale. We cannot even say with any certainty that the star is not sentient, rather, merely that we are unable to detect or understand the nature of its sentience, any more than we are able to communicate with what appear to be obviously intelligent creatures inhabiting our own planet. Clearly they (dolphins, whales, and elephants for example although I would postulate that all organisms are imbued with varying levels of sentience) have language, emotions, and societal structure and yet we, by and large, and as whole, disregard those aspects of their existence as inconsequential and of no matter.


Supernova 01

Explosion of a Supernova


So, how to tie this all together? (Have I painted myself into a corner?) I sometimes think that we are both unique as individuals, and as such, have the ability to create our own reality, and at the same time exist as a part of some all-encompassing collective whose origination and source may be what we refer to as God and of which we, as earth-bound beings, have virtually no real concept at all. I suspect there is a global / collective aspect to the eventual totality of our existence, beyond our physicality, and yet within that construct there is also permission, if you will, to create individually. Perhaps there is even an imperative to do so. It may ultimately prove that the end goal is to continue, collectively, to raise the vibration (energy) of the whole, through individual effort, in a kind of reverberating feedback loop based on the evolutionary energy of Creationism.


Well, I did not see that coming. I wanted to write a bit about synchronicity but I think perhaps that is a topic for another time. I think what I was able to do in this short piece is explain, to myself and for myself, what it was in this photo that attracted me to it. Like, I knew there was some message in it for me, and I think the message is deeper than what I managed to get out here, but at least this does scratch the surface of it.


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