“Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become.”


C.S. Lewis

Image 01-27-15

“Once you have experienced Spirit, the invisible matrix of overlapping fields of consciousness and information, you recognize that the visible world of the senses, the physical world, is not the only reality.”


Alberto Villoldo


Yes, this photograph rated two quotes. As above, so below, as it were. I absolutely love the photograph itself. Very cool! So, today is it. The big blizzard of 2015. I have to admit – they had this one right. I would guess that I am looking at 26 – 30 inches or so of snow sitting out on my driveway. Man, it has been a while since I’ve had to deal with this kind of a storm.  Thank god we did not lose power. Once I heard it was going to be very cold I knew we had a chance. The colder it is, the lighter and more fluffy the snow is and that is the way it has worked out.


I was talking with Debbie, via email, last night. There was something that she said in her email to me that immediately made me cry –


“Of course with the storm coming up this morning I thought of my conversation with Laureen when she spoke about who would worry about you coming home in the snow.  So I sat down and wrote you an email with Gladys checking in on you.”


I remember Laureen being worried about that. Here she was, dying, and she’s worried about who’s going to be worrying about me driving home in the snow when she’s not here anymore. That was so classically Laureen. Somehow, I get the feeling that she is watching over me. I was at work yesterday, with every intention of leaving around 2 PM in order to run a few last minute errands and, more importantly, to get home in advance of the early, and likely very heavy, afternoon commute.


So what happens? My work computer gets all glitchy yesterday, to the point where I had to do a hard reboot four times, switch out my keyboard and mouse, and I was still having problems. I felt like it was Laureen, prompting me to just shut off my computer and go home, and that is exactly what I did. Despite that, it was still 2:30 PM before I gave up and left the office, and it was precisely the right time to leave. I managed to beat the heaviest of the afternoon commute out of the Boston area by probably about 15 minutes, made it down to a Staples store where I found exactly the keyboard, mouse, and mouse pad that I needed within 5 minutes, and most remarkably, sailed through a well-stocked grocery store as though no one was there – this, before a well-advertised “historic” snow storm. Within 5 minutes of pulling into my driveway the traffic was at a standstill in front of my house and it stayed that way for the next hour and a half. It was perfectly choreographed and it is these kinds of things that let me know that Laureen is watching out for me.


So, I’ve had a bit of a time getting focused today. Between storm news on television, actually watching the storm unfold in front of me through the windows, and idly wondering how the hell I’m going to move all of this snow, I just haven’t been able to sit down and do the writing I thought I’d do today. That being said, I have snapped some photos here and there, managed to take 50 seconds of movie footage with my iPhone, I’ve watched the birds come and go at my kitchen window feeder and ponder the inevitability of having to shovel a swath up to my garage in order to liberate my snow-blower. I think that is going to be a task that falls to tomorrow as it is now 4:07 PM, starting to grow dark, and the snow is still falling. And I just saw where Hudson, MA is now measured at 31 inches and I really have to think we’re approaching 30 inches here. I guess tomorrow will be another day and I remain utterly thankful that I still have power, heat, food, a roof over my head, etc.


I guess I will end this entry with a picture of my beautiful Laureen. I know that she will be there with me in spirit tomorrow – she was so amazing!


IM000313 v

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4 Responses to SNOW-MAGEDDON

  1. Oh, my dear friend-

    Stay safe. I will be augmenting Laureen’s presence with thoughts for safety aimed your way.

  2. Walks with Wolves says:

    I’m glad Laureen prompted you to get home. Seems like everything fell perfectly into place for you. 🙂

  3. nowandzenn says:

    Yes, I really thing she helped choreograph the day for me.

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