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This could easily be Laureen with her Dragon energy and her Ravens. Even the look on her face. It’s not that Laureen was a “dark” soul, not by any stretch. Truth and Rightful Action were probably the two pillars that, as much as anything else, represented her spirit and defined her life. For her, Crow represented Universal Law. And in that respect, what should could not abide were people who were untruthful or who, with intention, went contrary to what they knew to be rightful action. And quite honestly, most of us know when we are acting contrary to what is right.

In her life, as much as anything, Laureen was often a mirror to other people. I would not make her out to be a saint, nor would she want me to, but Laureen, as much as anyone I have ever known, walked in her Truth and I cannot say that I ever saw her do anything that was contrary to what she knew was the right thing to do. She really did live her core beliefs. As to the mirror aspect, with those that she counseled, in time they would have to turn away from Laureen and more than one admitted to her that it became too painful to them to know that they were not living their Truth and they chose, instead, to continue the paths they were on, deeming it easier to continue to live the Untruths of their lives.

Make no mistake about it, living one’s Truth is not an easy path. But it is a “clean and clear” path, as Laureen would say and at the end of the day, and the end of one’s life, there are no regrets left if one has lived their Truth and Laureen died in peace, knowing that she had lived her life in the Truth of who she was.

I endeavor to follow in her footsteps in that regard. Indeed, I have been upon the path of discovering and living my truth for quite some time now. Of course, that was not always the case. But I eventually found the dis-ease in my spirit was more than I wanted to carry and so I began a quest to bring more “ease” into my life. I was probably about fifteen years into that journey when I met Laureen for the first time, and another five or six years passed by before we acknowledged the possibility in each other.

I thought I knew a lot by the time I met Laureen. Little did I know how much I still had to learn, and still have to learn to this day. And she was not always an easy teacher – hence that dragon energy. She could absolutely incinerate you if she so desired and according to her own stories – was much more prone to doing so when she was younger, before she met her own teachers. But always she came from a place of sincerity in her desire to help you to reach your potential. It was not out of malice that she was tough, but out of the knowledge that you could be so much more than you were.

As for her dragon energy, I cannot say much about it because it was not something she often talked about. It was certainly the source of her Power and it was the source of her Warrior aspect. I used to call Laureen “Laurie Connor”, borrowing it from the Terminator movies icon, “Sarah Connor”, and especially the Terminator 2 version when Sarah was in total warrior mode. If I had to draw a picture of Laureen in full dragon energy mode it would look like this –

Image 07-07-15 - 2

And honestly, I always knew that in a tight spot I would want her at my back if push ever came to shove.

Yet for all of that, there was also a gentle side and a fun side to Laureen too. Her gentleness was most often bestowed upon the unseen of this world – the animals and birds, and even insects. And her fun side – well, that was mostly saved for me. Somehow I seemed to have the ability to invoke her playful spirit. I remember when I first met her parents, one of the first things they said to me was that they had not seen her smile in such a long time, until I came along. And boy, we not only smiled, but there were nights when it was just the two of us that we would laugh until we could not breathe anymore and our sides hurt. Such pure expressions of joy!

There were so many sides to my Little Black Eagle. . .

Lastly – a piece I just found on Crow & Universal Law –

The Crow – Universal Law

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As a creature of the Void, crow is believed to exist in the past, present and future simultaneously. To embody darkness within light and light within darkness and to watch over all the worlds and dimensions from all viewpoints in chorus. She makes little distinction between right and wrong, but acknowledges the necessity for the existence of both. Without them, we wouldn’t learn the lessons afforded by choice. 

According to legend, when crow appears, she is challenging our perceptions while daring us to follow her into the Void, into our consciousness, to strengthen our principles and or relationship with Spirit. 

Crow encourages us to seek the wisdom found in the inner silence and to ponder our actions and reactions to life. We inherently know the difference between right and wrong. Crow asks us, therefore, to trust our judgment and make the most sensible decision when one is required. 

Her appearance generally heralds a sudden but necessary change, a wake-up call of a lesson in self-discovery. 

Crow is one of the sacred keepers of Universal Law and the custodian of ancient records. She espouses the law of three: the understanding that whatever we do will be returned to us threefold, that it matters not what we do in the life so long as our actions bring harm to none. She reminds us that all our actions are recorded and, although karma appears patient, it is often ruthless in its delivery. To understand these laws and to live by them with the purest intent, will see us exit this life and journey to the next with a clear memory of our previous life and the lessons learned during that time.

Yes, this was indeed my Little Black Eagle.

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