We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature – trees, flowers, grass – grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence… We need silence to be able to touch souls.


Mother Terasa


The new moon passed us by at 10:53 AM today – a scant one hour and nineteen minutes ago. This one feels special. Having completed my two trips – a return to Santa Fe in April and a return trip to Oregon in July – I’ve had this feeling that my life is about to turn in new directions. For the past week, the phrase that has been rolling around in my head is, “Of Endings, and Beginnings”, which, if memory serves, was the title I gave to one of my journals a while ago.

The photograph I chose to share today is one that I took while on my first trip out to Santa Fe last August. Indeed, it is quite possible that it was just about a year ago that I actually took this photo. And because digital photos store their properties I can go and check….  And yes, the photograph was taken on August 11, 2014 – so one year and three days ago. The photograph speaks to me because it is alone. A single flower. Not perfect – some of the petals have started to dry out a little bit. But it is still beautiful. And quietly, behind it, are new flowers waiting to be born. It stands, silhouetted in its solitude against an expanse of land and sky and it is both alone in that landscape, and yet also innately a part of it.

And it is only now, as I am writing about it, and looking at it, that I see the ant that is making its way along the stem of the flower. Ant medicine.  Here are some interesting aspects to ant :

                                                Patience, Order, Discipline

A person with an ant totem is active,
community-minded who sees future needs.
You are a planner…
but content to build your dreams slowly over time.
You are content in knowing that everything will come to you in             time.

                   The ant teaches you how to become the architect of your life.
The greatest success comes with persistence.
The ant shows you how to work with others.

Ask yourself if you are making things harder than they need to be.
Are you being patient with your own and others’ efforts?
Using discipline, you can lay a foundation for success.

The ant is the promise of success through effort.

I like this. This feels right to me. I drew one of my Zen cards the other day and its message was “Patience”. I already know that this has applicability for me right now. I had that insight during my final days out in Oregon as I was contemplating a particular aspect of my life right now. I realized that I needed patience in that area. Patience and gentle persistence. If it is meant to be, it will be. If not, then it was not meant to be but it will still leave me with knowledge that I needed to learn and to grow from.

So my Zen card was a nice affirmation and was very timely indeed!

This morning I drew a second card from my Zen deck. This time I got Prosperity. That would be good. And indeed, the card said much the same thing that was in my heart. Prosperity grows, interestingly enough, not out of the accumulation of things, but in the giving of things away. I believe it is that karmic aspect that says, “what you give out to the Universe will come back to you tenfold”. And it is not that I wish to lift up myself, alone, but that I would lift up all those around me with gifts that will enhance their own abilities and nourish their purpose. That is true prosperity – to be a gift to others and in so being, to reap the rewards of a life well lived.

I confess I was feeling a bit off this morning – kind of sad, and kind of just restless, but a tired kind of restless. However, I did make one decision and that was to sign up for the Jewelry 1 class at Metalwerx, starting in the Fall. I’d been going back and forth about it, but I really did want to do it and so, as I have done so often over this past year, I asked myself, “What is holding you back?”. And partly it was the money, and the commitment, and being bold in terms of signing up for the day class – meaning I will have to leave work every Tuesday, in the middle of the day, to take the class. But my heart told me that I really wanted and needed to do this and so I finally broke through those barriers and just did it.  As Georgia O’Keefe said:  “I have been absolutely terrified every moment of my life and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing that I wanted to do.” So once again, I broke free of my fears and just did it.

Lately writing has been not easy for me. Well, I did do some writing while I was out in Oregon but it has now been over two weeks since my return, with nary a word written – other than emails and Facebook sharings. I will say that it was a rather busy two plus weeks and now I feel like my life is returning back to some sense of quiet and normalcy. Upon my return from Oregon, back on August 2nd, I really had to hit the ground running. On Monday evening (August 3rd) I passed my Reiki 2 tests and received my certificate from Angela.  That was so cool!!!  I had to come into my office that first day back from Oregon, close my door, and study all afternoon, but I did it! I am now a Reiki 2 practitioner and I feel very happy about that. Onwards to Reiki Master – in due time of course!

Then it was on to Wednesday and the arrival of Aunt Val. Yup – I had invited her to stay at my house until she was situated in her new place over in Framingham. It had its challenges but it all worked out as it was meant to in the end. And I have no doubt whatsoever that Laureen played a big role in directing the current of that particular stream. Gitchii Migwetch my love! It was perfectly arranged that last Saturday we all got together for a wonderful, wonderful dinner! Myself, Val, Jenna & Mike, Debbie & Patrick, and Karen & Howie. We had the most amazing waiter as our server too! He was phenomenal. Just a super time and what a great way to welcome Val, Jenna and Mike back up to Massachusetts. Of course, Dawna and I spent all day Friday (last Friday) and a part of Sunday at the mineral, gem and fossil show out in West Springfield. It was very cool with some interesting acquisitions on my part in terms of the types of gems and stuff that I was attracted to. Labradorite (no surprise there), quartz crystals, something called Adamite, selenite, amber, sulfur and meteorites. I’m probably forgetting one or two… like my citrine pendulum. The timing of the meteorites was interesting as I have spent the last two nights looking for meteors in the sky. I had some success with that on Wednesday night but I was out too early last night, and was too tired to stay up for the later show.

Now it is interesting that after such a flurry of activity these past two weeks next week is promising to be rather quiet. The Organic Angel will be closed starting tomorrow so there will be no meditation tomorrow morning and no restorative yoga next Wednesday either. My only commitment for next week at the moment is Monday night when I have meditation with Marci. I guess after being so active, the Universe wanted to give me a little break and I do feel like I need it. Not that having a break means doing nothing. I’ve spent the last few nights trying to get my home recording studio up and running. Alas, I did not have quite the success I’d hoped for but I have managed to record two tracks of flute music. I’m thinking I may eventually need to find a class to learn how to do a few things – like get that Focusrite audio interface working properly, and figure out the software that I downloaded. In the meantime I am using some simpler software, Audacity, and I am able to at least record some flute music. I’ve been sharing my recordings with a friend in order to get a little feedback. I must say, they do sound rather interesting.

And for now, I suppose I should wrap this up and get some work done!

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